Butoni aur 18k cu diamante Stefan Hafner

Prețul inițial a fost: 25.000,00 lei.Prețul curent este: 18.000,00 lei.

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The award-winning brand was established in 1967 in Italy. Stefan Hafner’s unique style is a result of a talented team of designers trained in traditional metalworking techniques and inspired by design backgrounds ranging from architecture to graphic design. The designer’s pieces are sold worldwide and have been awarded numerous accolades including the American Jewelry Awards Gala’s award for Best Design in Diamonds and the Couture Jewelry Collection in Las Vegas’ Best Design in Show award. Stefan Hafner’s pieces combine luxurious materials such as diamonds, gemstones and gold to create avant-garde interpretations of classic jewelry designs.

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(6) cp20 – YouTube

Material : aur 18k
Gramaj : 15gr
Piatra pretioasa : diamant
Total carataj : 1.ctw (1.carat)
Cantitate : micropave/ 1.ctw
Forma : rotund brilliant
Culoare : F
Claritate : VS1

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